If you’re part of a reading group here are some questions about THE SECRETS OF SUNSHINE/THE SECRETS OF LOVE STORY BRIDGE that you may wish to discuss. Warning! If you’ve not read the book already, these may contain spoilers!

– The Secrets of Love Story Bridge centers on Mitchell’s second chance at happiness after living in the shadow of shame and guilt about Anita’s death. How did Mitchell change throughout the book? Did your opinions of him change too? Do you think men are more likely to lock their feelings away than women?

– Mitchell’s first instinct is to think about and look after his daughter, Poppy. Discuss their relationship. What were your favorite moments between them? Were there other times when you felt Mitchell could have been a better parent? Should parents always put their children first, or should everyone in a family be seen to have equal needs?

– For much of the novel, Mitchell teams up with Liza to track down Yvette, the woman who fell from the bridge. What did you think of the ultimate reveal of what had happened to Yvette? Were you surprised?

– What do you think the main themes of the book were? What feelings did the book evoke for you?

–  Liza has her own problems, especially with her sister Yvette being missing and keeping secrets. Do all families have issues, and how are these best resolved? Should they be kept within the family, or should outside help be sought out?

– The people of Upchester begin to write to Mitchell and the letters ultimately help him to move on with his life. Which of these letters were your favorite? If you could write a letter to anyone in your life, past or present, who would you send it to, and what would you say to them?

 – Mitchell reluctantly performs a song around the campfire, unaware of how the words will resonate with him. What is your favourite song? What do the words mean to you?

 – Mitchell deals with his loss of Anita by making rigid lists, schedules and plans. Have you ever turned to coping strategies to deal with difficult times? What helped you?

– The book is populated with a colourful array of characters. Who was your favourite character in the book and why? If the book was adapted into a film, who would you cast as the main characters?

– What do you think the meaning is behind the title, The Secrets of Love Story Bridge?