Writing can be a solitary thing to do. Sitting in your kitchen with the fire on, a slice of toast and conjuring up stories and words day after day. But I’m also constantly surprised by the co-operative nature of writing too. When I’m tapping away on my keyboard I know that my agent, Clare, is at the end of the phone and my lovely editors Sally in the UK and Erika in the US are just an email away.

What’s also been so lovely in this journey of becoming  a full-time writer, is the support of other writers – whether that’s a friendly tweet, an email here and there, or kind words. I’ve been lucky to have three brilliant writers read my book and offer their endorsement. International bestselling author Sarah Pekkanen has recently written “Once in a great while, a character like Arthur Pepper comes along and quietly steals your heart. Arthur might make you cry – but he’ll also make you laugh, think, and feel grateful that you came along on his fantastical journey. I won’t just be recommending this book to everyone I know, I’ll be buying them copies.”  New York Times bestselling author Lauren Willig wrote lovely words too, and B.A. Paris, whose novel Behind Closed Doors will be published by Harlequin Mira in February 2016, took time to review my book on Goodreads. I really appreciate it, ladies!

If, when, I’m more established as a writer, I look forward to giving something back to new writers too, by reading and supporting their books. I might miss the chats at the photocopier about last night’s TV but being able to sit here and type this blog more than makes up for it.

author pic 2 with creditauthor pic with creditIMGP7808I also met up with photographer, Sam Ralph, to sit for new author photos. He made me feel really relaxed and came up with some great ideas for shots. His photo of me (we picked the one in the blue blouse) will appear on the cover of The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper when it’s published here, in the US and all the other wonderful countries who snapped it up.